The breakdown of a family is a very stressful time. Aurora Gwen Neal has represented many clients in divorce, custody, and dissolution cases. She has successfully mediated and prepared Settlement Agreements for divorcing spouses. She has represented her clients in Mediation and Resolution Conferences that resulted in custody and property division agreements.

In these trying economic times, managing finances and paying your bills can be very difficult, even impossible. Credit card debt and out-of-control medical expenses are common causes of needing to file for bankruptcy. Aurora Gwen Neal is ready to serve you in the complex Bankruptcy process with respect, competence and wisdom.

We all make mistakes. Whether it was your mistake or somebody accused you by mistake, Aurora Gwen Neal will defend your legal rights and reach the best possible resolution of your case, given your circumstances. 

When planning ahead for the time of your passing,  Aurora Gwen Neal will help you express your wishes for distribution of your estate, and counsel you about end-of-life planning. When dealing with the death of a friend or loved one, our firm will guide you through the probate process to distribution of your loved one's estate.

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