The law firm of Gwen M. Neal Attorney at Law LLC is located in Homer, Alaska. Aurora Gwen Neal has been representing clients in Alaska District, Superior, and Supreme Courts and Federal Bankruptcy Court since 2008.

       Gwen M. Neal Attorney at Law LLC looks forward to helping you in your time of need. The law firm offers expertise in the following areas:

     Divorce ~ Dissolution ~ Custody 
     Mediation ~ Settlement Agreements
     Domestic Violence ~ Criminal Defense
     Wills and Probate ~ Bankruptcy

       You may be facing divorce or worrying about custody of your children. Perhaps you have just lost a loved one and are left to deal with their estate. Or you’re facing a financial crisis that points to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Possibly you have been arrested and suddenly face life-changing charges.

       In times like these, I’m here to serve you with knowledge, competence, respect, and wisdom.  

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"I strive to deliver peace of mind in times of personal crisis and life transitions." 
- Aurora Gwen Neal
Delivering Resolution and Peace of Mind
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